G’day mates!

Two biddies and bloke here, writing from Boston University…in Boston, obvs. We just got accepted to BU’s Sydney Internship Program, so we’re shipping off to Australia in the fall. If you want to read about us, just go to the Bio page (top right of the page) and stalk to your heart’s content.

This blog is for our Australia bucket list, our travels, and everything in-between.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Today, all three of us decided that we’re going to do the following:

  • Not ride on a kangaroo, but let the kangaroo ride us.
  • Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
  • Do the Hamster Ball in New Zealand.
  • Lindsay and Brianna forcing Chris to stop at Fiji and Hawaii on the way home.
  • Safari in the Outback.
  • Learn Australian slang.
  • Actually get our paperwork to go…whoops.
Talking about all this just makes us too excited to go…so we should end this post now before we decide to hop on a plane next week. Hope you enjoy our adventures. I mean, you are following two biddies and a bloke. Fun times are bound to happen. Peace.
Countdown: 166 days til departure on August 15, 2012!

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