Brianna writing…

Brianna writing here, from my and Lindsay’s room, though she is off somewhere else on campus and forgot to text me our code word when she arrived there safely. No worries, I’m talking to her as I type, so she’s fine! Wondering what our code word is? Here’s a hint: surprisingly it’s not dingo, kangaroo, or koala.

So, here’s a quick update on what I think all 3 of us are pretty much feeling at this point in the process of preparing for next semester…

#1) That pre-departure meeting quelled SO many anxieties (such as, we will have relatively inexpensive phone and internet options available to us, and there WILL be a K-Mart within walking distance)…oh the comforts of home. (Please note that we are anxiously awaiting a post soon from Lindsay with her insane notes from the meeting, K-Mart among them!)

#2) None of us is actually interested in doing real schoolwork for the next few weeks. I mean, realistically, I should be finishing up my first of 2 short papers I have due in the next 2 weeks….and maybe starting my 10 page one. But yet here I am, updating the blog, and daydreaming about Australia. And watching the vlog trailer over and over (p.s. how talented is Chris, am I right?!) August 13th (or rather, May 2nd, the last day of class for the semester) can’t come soon enough at this point.

K^2 Extravaganza

Alright, that’s all for now readers. I suppose I could have written more extensively, but I’m not super creative at this hour. Look out for a post from Linds!


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