My thoughts and notes on Sydney

Hello World!

This is my break from paper writing, lab practical studying and finishing up my last jobs as a program manager in the Community Service Center. The trip to Sydney is quickly approaching (111 days..say whattt?!?!?). Last week was a big week for the Australia trip, not only were the trip forms due and we had our pre departure meeting, but I also left my angsty teenage years to be a mature and responsible adult. I’m all ready to cook and do adult things for myself in Sydney!

The pre departure meeting got everyone excited. We met Mark, our super hilarious director/professor/Sydney expert. During the meeting, I took some pretty detailed and hilarious notes (if I say so myself). I’ll show you some examples..Image

I apologize for my messy hand writing, but I was just too excited! What are some of the highlights about Sydney and our program? Here’s some of the many..

-Our flight there does two bags checked for free, which is perfect for my overpacking tendencies.

-It’s going to be chilly in Sydney in August, but warm in December. Christmas on the beach!

-There’s a KMart. I thought that was an American thing, but I’m cool with it!

-They are taking us on a 4 day school field trip to Melbourne! And throwing us a Halloween Party, as well as a Thanksgiving Dinner.

-Some potential spring break options? Fiji! New Zealand! Bali! And others.

-Our bathrooms are cleaned once a week. If only we had someone to cook for us.

-Australians love the US Presidential election, so chances are I’ll be spending some nights at the pub debating politics with the locals (jokes…. but Brianna might!).

-My favorite part of the meeting? – Definitely when Mark compared the work environment to my favorite TV show THE OFFICE!!!! They welcome sarcasm, insulting jokes and jokes that aren’t politically correct. So pretty much Sydney is the perfect place.

I can’t wait to update everyone on our adventures leading up to Sydney and during our time there! Until then I’ll be working on finals, assignments and projects, while trying to enjoy my time in Boston by listening to chants from Fenway and eating in some of our dining halls for the last time before the new one is opened.

Dingo puppy love,



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