Anyone know how to pack for four months? No? Sad.

Unpacking in Australia

Okay, who allowed summer to go by so fast?

Really. Admit it. The three of us need to know because we’re kind of freaking out (but mostly really pumped).

There’s only one week left of summer. One week until we fly halfway (more like all the way) across the world to Australia.

WHO ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN SO FAST? Just look at the countdown to your right. That’s insane.

Back in June, two of us (Lindsay and Chris) decided to apply for the Program Assistant position offered to students who are a part of the Sydney Internship Program. We were offered the positions, and thus we will be going down under two days earlier (on Saturday, August 11) than Brianna, who takes flight with the rest of the program on Monday, August 13 after she finishes her summer internship. The position means that we will be handling Orientation for the program and planning group outings, among other responsibilities. Brianna has already agreed to cause a commotion at any event that Lindsay and Chris plan.

The summer has come and gone, and going to Australia means we’re about to jump right from summer…to winter. Challenge accepted.

Packing our whole lives into two suitcases, a carry on bag, and a personal item? Second challenge accepted. Should we maybe have started packing by now? Perhaps. Has it happened? We all know the answer to that one. Brianna recently sent Lindsay a packing list complete with sarcastic comments for some of the more obscure things to remember to bring (these jokes are way too inappropriate for our public blog).

So much has happened over the summer to prepare for our life changing journey. We’ve all had our visas approved (after some major health insurance crises…don’t ask or we – okay, just Chris – might start crying from all the stress again), we’ve bought International Student ID Cards (ISIC) to get some bueno discounts, we’ve bought new luggage, and we recently received our plane tickets!

Nothing’s more surreal than seeing an actual plane ticket to Sydney, Australia.

So stay tuned for more frequent blog posts from the three of us as the big day arrives and we begin perhaps one of the greatest experiences of our lives! And if you weren’t excited enough, check out the trailer for our video blog below! You’ll see that happening fairly soon as well! Check back soon for all the Aussie goodies!

And in return, if you do all of that for us, we will do our best to pick up the Aussie accent to serenade you with. That’s a promise.

Peace, love, and Tim Tams,
Brianna, Lindsay, and Chris

P.S. Don’t know what a Tim Tam is? Shame on you. Do your homework.


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