Cruising Into Sydney


Did any of y’all take statistics in college? No? Well, let us throw some out there for you:

23 hour flight. Lindsay slept 16 of that. Chris slept 3 of that.

Let’s just say that Lindsay is not the most entertaining person when it comes to planes. Unless you count the faces she makes when she sleeps.


Lindsay and Chris got to Sydney on Monday, August 13 (or 13 August as they write here) with their fellow Program Assistant, or PA, Julie. We were picked up from the airport by Pascal, one of the staff members for BUSAC (BU Sydney Centre), along with Julianna, one of the three RA’s for the Centre. We were picked up at 8am, had a bit of an orientation at 8:30am and fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinaallllyyyyyyy got to shower around 9:45am.

Imagine: gross sweaty body from 23 hour flight meets nice, warm long shower.

The two of us along with Julie and Julianna met up with Sarah, another RA for the group. Both Julianna and Sarah were graduates of BU and thus had all the background info on the city for the two of us and Julie. All five of us hung out throughout the day as we were oriented to our jobs as Program Assistants. We met the rest of the staff, who are super awesome and love what they do. So far, the Australian workplace trumps the American workplace based purely on happiness.

At first, being in Sydney didn’t really feel much different than being in an American city. It wasn’t until that night when we were all treated to a dinner at an awesome bar and actually seeing the famed Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge that shit literally got real.

Chris, Julie, and Lindsay at the Opera House

We’re here for 4 months. All of this. IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

It didn’t really dawn on us as we boarded the plane as to what we were doing, in spending 4 months away from all that’s familiar to us just to go to the complete opposite side of the world. But seeing those famous landmarks smacked us in the face.

And we couldn’t have been more excited for our lives for the next four months.

But that’s a false statement. Because then, on Wednesday, August 13, Brianna showed up with the rest of the 80 student-large group. And the three Musketeers were back together again.

The jet lag is wearing off. The neighborhood is getting to be a tad familiar. And they just keep feeding us so much food and wine. Orientation sessions and internship advising sessions are beginning. Classes start Monday. Everyone’s starting to plan their weekend trips all over the country. It’s going to be a beautiful semester.

Check out our video blog for more true life moments, including unpacking, what our apartments are like, if the toilets really DO flush the opposite way, and all the excursions and friends we’re about to experience and meet. We’ll let you know when the first episode pops up. But until then…this photo of Darling Harbour will have to suffice.

Which we’re sure it will.

Peace, love, and Tim Tams (which were just on sale for AUD1.49 so we bought a million of them),

Brianna, Chris, and Lindsay


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