So Much Change

G’day, how ya goin?!

After the first week here in Sydney, the three of us have decided to reflect on all the many subtle dissimilarities here in Oz. The first being that you get SO MUCH CHANGE IN YOUR POCKET from the 1 and 2 dollar coins. We’re getting heavier but not fatter!

Let’s list, shall we?

– The salt on the McDonald’s French fries is so much tastier (and actually somewhat sweeter).
– You have to pay for condiment packets. REALLY? COME ON.
– You have to pay for small things that you take for granted in the good ol’ US of A, such as plastic grocery bags or take away containers depending on the restaurants.
– It’s called “take away” not “to go.” Had to learn that one pretty fast…
– So you know that yellow light all you road ragers in America run through? It’s called an orange light over here.
– The crosswalk signal sounds sound like they come from Mars.
– When Tim-Tams are on sale, no one thinks twice about getting them no matter how health conscious you are.
– No tipping (not cow tipping silly but for waiters and waitresses duh).
– HUGE ONE IT’S SO CRAZY. The standard 8.5×11″ paper in the US doesn’t exist as the standard here! Instead, it’s 8.5×12″!
– Phone numbers are 8 numerals not 7.
– Zip codes are four digits, not five. i.e. ours is 2008.
– Filtered coffee is not the norm. Not that any of us drink it anyways…
– Taxi hailing still happens here, but you have to hail the buses too!
– Speaking of buses, they practically drive on the sidewalk. There’s maybe about a one inch space (literally) between the bus lane and the curb. People do get smacked in the head by their mirrors. It’s the outback in the city!
– Oh yeah, it’s winter here. And it’s August. Did you know that? We didn’t. Maybe. Okay we did know but us Northerners are still freezing our butts off!

Ever had a Tim Tam slam? It’s like Australia’s weed, except it’s way more chocolatey and obviously healthier.

We’re not trying to offend the Aussie culture at all with this post. We’re actually in love with said facts of life and just had to brag to y’all about them. Most importantly, people are kind of (actually really) way nicer here than back in Grumpsville, USA. Need directions? Ask the guy who’s late to work and he will help you out and even take you to your destination himself. Not that that actually happened. Or maybe it did. You’ll never know.

We could’ve actually lied about this whole post…

Video blog soon!

Peace, Love, Tim-Tams,
Brianna, Chris, and not Lindsay because she’s skyping right now and ignoring us. Loser. Brownie points for her Australian friend though!


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