Work Hard, Play Hard, Feed Kangaroos

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True confessions: We actually still kind of want to try a kangaroo burger even though we’ve already pet them.

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since we’ve been here as we write this, and life has been steamrolling by us here in the not-so-Outback Outback. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

As members of the Boston University Sydney Internship Program, it makes sense that we’d actually have to have an internship while we’re here, correct? No, we didn’t think so either.

Lame jokes aside, all three of us are on our way to acquiring some of the best internships that we’ll possibly ever have the privilege to experience. Brianna recently interviewed for a job in a political office in New South Wales (FYI, New South Wales – or NSW – is a state here in Australia, exactly like California or Wyoming, and is where Sydney is located). Lindsay is going for an interview later this week at Lucas Gardens, a school for kids with disabilities. On Wednesday, Chris is going to interview for an internship at Zspace, a creative design and production studio. We all have no doubt that we’re going to take return to the States with a stronghold of skills, all thanks to the Australian workplace (and the absolutely amazing BU staff here in Sydney. They gots the goods, yo.)

Speaking of that Australian workplace, we’re all excited to fully integrate ourselves into the Sydney culture. We’re still a bit in tourist mode at the moment, and though it’s driving us a bit crazy, we figured we should get all of the touristy things out the way first. That way we can get our accents on.

But we wouldn’t be true American study abroad students if we didn’t explore Sydney’s nightlife, something the city is oh so famous for. Last week we hiked up to The Rocks near Circular Quay (where the Opera House is located) for some dancing at a popular establishment, The Argyle. Sydney-siders are super classy, to put it bluntly, and you’re not allowed inside many places unless you don some classy footwear (i.e. wear sneakers and you are going to be partying with the homeless).

By 2AM, again being true American college students, we were starving. So we paid tribute to BU Late Nite food and went to a 24 hour restaurant entitled Pancakes on the Rocks (essentially Sydney’s version of IHOP…with way better options and minus the chain reputation). It’s just one of those places where you have to go at least once to get the tourist stigma off your shoulders.

That being said, we plan on going back at least a dozen or so more times. Or more. You can quote us on that (duh, chocolate pancakes with ice cream at 2AM? Who wouldn’t go back?)

And then we became tourists once more when we took a trip to the famed Blue Mountains. We hiked and climbed and sweat and cried and laughed and drank water and video-taped for the video blog and died all in a matter of three hours…

…but before we died, we managed to cross a few things off our bucket list. LIKE PETTING AND FEEDING SOME FLIPPIN’ KANGAROOS AND KOALAS. We can’t even tell you the joy that comes to you in the moment of such pure Australian tourism. Hate on us if you like, but you’re totally jealous. Petting kangaroos and touching a koala (you can’t hold those little guys in NSW because it’s illegal) is practically social initiation into this country (not unlike BU’s famed matriculation), so we’re proud to call ourselves true Aussies after that day.

Now about that kangaroo burger…

Peace, Love, and Tim-Tams,

Brianna, Chris, and Lindsay


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