Video #4: Melbourne, Surf Camp, Bridges, Oh my!

Hi world!

We apologize for being MIA for forever on here! We’re quickly posting this as we pack for tonight as we head off to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef for the rest of spring break, during which we’ve already done caving and sandboarding!

We’ll talk about alllllllllll of that some other time, but before we left we just wanted to share our newest video blog with you that covers our field trip to Melbourne, journeying the Great Ocean Road, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and learning to surf at Surf Camp Australia! We’ve been so busy with the end of the first session (all papers and exams) that we never had time to properly post about all of that – but we eventually will!

For now, we hope you enjoy our adventures in our lovely new video blog!

See you soon with some pictures from the Great Barrier Reef! Anyone know where Nemo is?

Peace, Love, and Tim Tams,

Brianna, Lindsay, and Chris


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