The Year’s Second(!) Spring Break

Dearest readers,

The three of us would like to profusely apologize for our serious and abominable* lack of updates. With the rush of our spring break once the first session ended (it’s spring here, so that makes it our second spring break of the year!) along with being thrown into the second half of the semester where our internships and second elective class begin, we just have had zero time to update.

*Much thanks to Chris’s friend Maura who used the same word to describe her similar lack of blog updates.

LeeAnn, Rachel, Lindsay, Chris, and Brianna at Millaa Millaa Falls.


That being said, we would like to present you with our most current (and longest) video blog to date. It features our entire spring break shenanigans from caving in the Jenolan Caves, to sandboarding in Port Stephens, and signing our lives away at least 4 times while in Cairns to do all of the incredible things we did…

…like scuba diving in the freakin’ Great Barrier Reef.

I would like to say you’re all frothing at the mouth right now to hear about it all, but that wouldn’t be very modest of us now would it?

(But you’re frothing. We know it.)

Have at it. We’ll update you on our internships SO SOON, WE PROMISE.

Much love from your two biddies and a bloke.


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