Lindsay is a junior at Boston University in the Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation (it’s a mouthful) studying Occupational Therapy. After graduating from the five year Bachelor’s and Master’s program at BU, she hopes to work as an occupational therapist in a school or children’s hospital. Lindsay is from the beautiful town of Carmel, New York, which is more upstate than New York City, but less upstate than Upstate New York. Lindsay frequently travels outside of the U.S., since her grandma lives in England, but the trip to Sydney is over double the flight to London so this trip is extra special.

When she’s back in Boston, Lindsay volunteers with many different programs through the Community Service Center. She has done science experiments with elementary school students, assisted at a Special Olympics track and field training for adults with disabilities and went on a week long spring break trip to Killeen, Texas to help at a camp for children with disabilities. When Lindsay isn’t volunteering around Boston, she goes to as many BU hockey games as possible to remind others that “BC sucks.” She also enjoys tweeting at her roommate, Brianna, especially when they are in the same room.

Lindsay is beyond excited for everything there is to offer in Sydney. So far, some of her favorite things in Sydney have been visiting the opera house, petting koalas, feeding kangaroos, playing on the significantly cooler playgrounds and exploring all of the different markets around Sydney. Lindsay is really looking forward to climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taking day trips to different parts of the city and lounging at all of the beaches around Sydney. After Sydney, she hopes to have an accent that will make everyone swoon and be able to cook something more than just microwave popcorn.


Brianna is a junior at Boston University in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science with a minor in Public Health. She aspires to one day attend law school and was a legal intern at AEGIS Insurance Services this summer, but is bursting with excitement for her first job in politics in Sydney! (No official details on that until the paperwork is finalized…Brianna is really superstitious.) Hailing from Edison, NJ, Brianna has been abroad once before on a two-week excursion across England, France, Spain, and Morocco, during which she was almost run over by a double-decker bus in London and rode a camel in Marrakesh for a euro.

Back home at BU, Brianna is a student manager at the Business Office at SAO, where she works with some really awesome people and spends her time tweeting to no end. She can often be found giving campus tours as an Admissions Ambassador to prospective students. She tutors ESOL students at the International Institute of Boston and teaches health workshops in the Boston Public Schools. What else does Brianna do at BU? Lives with Lindsay, of course.

Despite her only modest ability to cook (which is shared by both Lindsay and Chris) she is undoubtedly the “mom” in Sydney.  When she isn’t busy teaching Chris how to make chicken or otherwise navigate the kitchen, Brianna has been busy feeding wallabies, petting koalas, hiking in the Blue Mountains, putting her feet in the Pacific Ocean, and so much more. Before she leaves, Brianna is really looking forward to seeing a performance at the Sydney Opera House, going scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and white water rafting for the first time. Oh, yeah, and going to SURF CAMP.


Chris is a junior with senior standing at Boston University in the College of Communication studying Film & Television with a minor in Sociology. He aspires to one day run his own television show or create special effects for films and television shows, but he’s game for anything that will allow him to cook fried ravioli for himself in the future. In Sydney, Chris is going to be interning at ZSPACE, a creative studio that specializes in post-production, graphics, and every other cool effects-based element you could think of. Originally from the “city” of Torrington, CT, Chris has only been outside the country once before, travelling to South Africa for a World Jump Rope Championship (Chris is actually a competitive jump roper).

For the duration of his stay in Sydney, Chris has been hired by the BU Sydney program to be a Program Assistant, where he gets to plan fun events for all the program kiddies to partake in so they can get to cuddle up to Sydney just a bit more.

In his spare time, Chris runs his own YouTube Channel, which features his popular and wildly entertaining video blog “Living With Dan” along with making various music videos and other short films. He created a Two Biddies and a Bloke Video Blog which you can find on his YouTube channel or on the links at the top of the page. Check it out!

At BU, Chris is an Admissions Ambassador, which involves spending much time with and giving tours to prospective students. He is also the Co-Executive Producer of “Co-Ed,” a mockumentary on butv10 (BU’s student-run television station, cable channel 10 in Boston). On top of all that AND classes, Chris worked as a line rep in the Towers dining hall, servin’ yo food all day e’eryday; sadly, the Towers dining hall closed due to the opening of a massive new East Campus dining hall, so Chris will be forging through a new frontier of employment when he gets back to Boston for the spring semester.

So far in Sydney, Chris has accomplished the unthinkable: he’s learning to cook. Brianna taught him to make chicken, though he taught himself how to make a healthy pizza! (Hellooo broccoli and cheese pizza with Caesar dressing!) When Chris hasn’t been involved with his duties as Program Assistant in Australia, he’s been hiking the Blue Mountains, making friends with the koalas & kangaroos along with all the other students, throwing himself in the Pacific Ocean at Bondi Beach, and eating meat pies (seriously, they are TO DIE FOR). Impending adventures include scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, trudging through the rainforests at Cairns, a trip to Melbourne (pronounced Mel-bin), and…oh…DID HE MENTION SURF CAMP YET? (Sorry…stole that last one from Brianna. Too good not to mention.)


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    • We’re going to be studying at the Boston University Sydney Academy Center (BU has its own Sydney institution)

  1. I just got into the program too! I go to Tufts.. is there a fb group or something for people in the program? (or should we start one?) 🙂

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